At That is Black, our goal is to change the connotation of what the word Black means. For too long, Black has been a color to be feared or even hated. But when we think of the color Black, we visualize something different. We see power. We see potential. We see strength and creativity. That’s why we decided to build a brand around Blackness. The aura of confidence we feel in Blackness is something we wanted to provide to the rest of the community. We’re making Black cool again, and its damn sure time someone did it.

When you are wearing That is Black, you will understand the feel of wearing a luxury brand. Our customers know that we do everything in our power to make sure each experience with us is consistent in offering only the highest quality luxury products. When you are wearing That is Black, you can expect the heads to turn and the eyes to gaze. You can expect to be seen and be heard. Projecting confidence and self-assurance is precisely what our brand is all about.

We have a saying called “Always bet on Black.” That means that you can expect our brand to maintain its consistency and excellence over time. We aren’t in this business to fade away like so many others. We expect to grow and thrive—just like you do in your career and relationships. Its time to match yourself with the brand that represents the ideals that you’re all about. Its time to start wearing That is Black.